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760 Palani Ave.

Opened in the 1950′s at the Ward Farmer’s Market, Haili’s has served up Hawai’i’s favorites for three generations. Today, Haili’s still offers the best Hawaiian food, made fresh for great prices.

Recipes have been handed down, and are rarely shared. It’s a tradition Mom Haili started and the precise makings of her delicious food are secret to this day. In Mother Rachel Ching Haili’s day, poi was “one dollah” for three bags, and “35 cents one laulau.”

The family of sisters who are responsible for maintaining the reputation, energy and great Hawaiian food each have specialties, but all agree they learned “all things Hawaiian” from Dad Peter Davis Haili, and business savvy from their Chinese Mom.

For siblings who have cooked since they were kids, serving “countless mounds of succulent poke, acres of steaming laulau and barrels of day old poi” is a way of life.

Winner of the O`o Award-Native
Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce

2010 Honolulu Advertiser Hawaii’s Best Restaurant Award for Best Hawaiian Foods
2011 Recepient of the `Aha Hipu`u Award-Contributions to Hawaiian Culture
Winner of Healthy Plate Lunch Contest-Department Of Health